Old Recorder

Custom Music

Want to create a unique feel for your brand that is unlike any other? Working with composers, producers, and studios across multiple continents allows us to produce custom compositions at unprecedented speed. From full scale orchestral scores to the latest electronica genres, our in-house creative teams have produced music for a diverse range of commercials, TV/Film productions and movie trailers.

Sound Design

We create exceptional sound design for film, television and commercials. We work from the start of the edit process through to the final picture, this method allows every version of the cut to have the benefit of finished quality sound.

Audio Post

MbD is able to offer clients a full range of Audio Post services. From editing and balancing to full 5.1, THX and 7.1 surround sound mixing of music, dialog and effects.

Music Supervision

MbD asseses each project’s musical requirements with your creative team, producers and editors. We will then determine the best way to fulfill your musical needs within your budget.


With over 15 years combined experience in the international music industry our extensive network of contacts with labels, publishers, and management companies enables us to negotiate and clear licenses quickly and efficiently, allowing you the time to concentrate on the other details of your client’s campaign.